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West Seattle Blog… | WEATHER WEST OF SEATTLE: Reopening of the refuge

ByStephanie M. Akbar

Mar 5, 2022


(Photo by West Seattle Veteran Center)

Winter is not over yet, and colder weather is coming. Keith Hughes from West Seattle Veterans Center and American Legion Post 160 says he plans to reopen the overnight shelter there at 5 p.m. tomorrow (Saturday, March 5). He plans to keep it open at least until next Wednesday, adding: “I will staff it myself and with volunteers from 5 p.m. to 10 a.m. each day.” He says the King County Regional Homelessness Authority still doesn’t fund the shelter, which is the only one in West Seattle – if they did, he says, “we could increase our staff and increase our ability to help the homeless community in the Southwest Corridor” . In the meantime, we asked them if they needed any special donations at this time, volunteers or food/clothing or money. His response: “The community response over the past two cold spells has been wonderful and very generous, so I really don’t have any urgent needs for supplies or clothing this time around. I have also been able to build my list of willing volunteers, which allows me to get at least one break per day for a 5 or 6 day streak of colds. I just want to keep in mind that winter is not over and there are still people without food or shelter. When you see them, help them. If you can’t help them directly, refer them to the West Seattle Veteran Center Shelter. It’s at 3618 SW Alaska.

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