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Washington State’s 50 Best Dive Bars | Yelp

ByStephanie M. Akbar

Aug 8, 2022


What’s in the dive bars that keeps us coming back? Maybe it’s the no-frills atmosphere, the heavy pours, the simple bites or the unbeatable prices… But either way, it’s got us all hooked. If you’re looking for a change from the usual watering hole, we’ve compiled a list of the 50 best dive bars in Washington that should be added to your Yelp bookmark collection right away.

Methodology: This is an all-time list of the best dive bars in Washington State according to Yelp. We identified businesses in the Dive Bars category on Yelp, then ranked those spots using a number of factors, including total volume and review ratings. This list has reviewed businesses in Washington State. All businesses were marked as open on Yelp as of August 1, 2022. When available, all businesses on this list have a satisfactory health score as of August 1, 2022.

1. Thunderbird Tavern -Seattle, WA

2. Bait shop -Seattle, WA

3. Pie dip bar –Snohomish, WA

4. Seattle Beer Company -Seattle, WA

5. Speckled and Drake -Seattle, WA

6. Marco Polo Bar & Grill -Seattle, WA

seven. The Fellowship Hall – Olympia, WA

8. Birch Bay Beach Bar – Blaine, WA

9. 2 social fingers -Seattle, WA

ten. The exit from twilight -Seattle, WA

11. 9 pound hammer -Seattle, WA

12. Old Edison –Edison, Washington

13. The Sloop Tavern -Seattle, WA

14. The Kraken lounge bar -Seattle, WA

15. Steve’s Bar & Grill – Bellevue, WA

16. Waterwheel Show -Seattle, WA

17. Unicorn -Seattle, WA

18. Shorty’s -Seattle, WA

19. Pacific Inn Pub -Seattle, WA

20. Simplified Tavern -Seattle, WA

21. Darrell’s Tavern – Shoreline, WA

22. Chez Leny -Seattle, WA

23. Targy’s Tavern -Seattle, WA

24. East Palmer –Redmond

25. Baranoff -Seattle, WA

26. The Roanoke -Seattle, WA

27. Uncle Mo’s Snappy Inn – Renton, WA

28. central tavern – Kirkland, WA

29. Carolina Tavern -Seattle, WA

20. Blue Moon Tavern -Seattle, WA

30. Captain Blacks -Seattle, WA

31. bearded ginger –Spokane, WA

32. bar-house -Seattle, WA

33. Eastlake Zoo Tavern -Seattle, WA

34. beaver lodge – Bellingham, WA

35. Fat Moose Bar & Grill –Woodland, WA

36. corner pocket -Seattle, WA

37. H&H Tavern – Issaquah, WA

38. Mootsy’s –Spokane, WA

39. Joe’s Bar and Grill -Seattle, WA

40. Cape Hansen Tavern – Bellingham, WA

41. The Sellberg Tavern –Vancouver, Washington

42. Pied Piper Ad – Kent, WA

43. Long Beach Tavern – Long Beach, WA

44. The Underground Lounge -Seattle, WA

45. Al’s Tavern -Seattle, WA

46. Soundview Tavern – Everett, WA

47. Pony -Seattle, WA

48. Bar and Grill area – Anacortes, WA

49. Coffee Simcoe – Goldendale, WA

50. brickyard pub – Federal road, WA

Whether you visit one or visit them all, be sure to let us know on Yelp – we’d love to hear about your adventures!

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