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Soigné Garden, a restaurant linked to the music industry, replaces the City Tap in Midtown

ByStephanie M. Akbar

Jan 2, 2022


Garden of Soigné (pronounced swän yā) replaced City tap in Midtown at 848 Peachtree St NE. The restaurant opened on the 31st of December through a New Years Eve party hosted by the American rapper Fabulous (John David Jackson), according to an Instagram page for Soigné Garden.

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The “black tie affair” brought together American rappers and husband and wife Gap (Kiari Kendrell Cephus) and Cardi B (Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar), among other artists.

Details around the Jardin de Soigné are scarce, but Hannah kang, who was general manager of Grand Hustle Records – an Atlanta-based hip hop label founded by American rapper TI and his manager Jason Geter – filed for permits for the restaurant earlier this year.

Kang has repeatedly confirmed Soigné Garden’s plans in texts, emails and phone calls with What Now Atlanta, but has not shared details of the project. It was not until the last week of 2021 that Kang revealed the name of Soigné’s garden after months of awareness of the publication. Neat Garden is also listed in the bio on the Instagram page for “DOC which has links with Allure Gentleman’s Club, Heet ATL, Old Atlanta, and Grand Hustle.

“My team and I are looking to create a new experience in Atlanta,” DOC posted on Instagram as the permits first surfaced for Soigné Garden. “The first and most important item we’ll need to help us is a chef! That being said, where’s the best chef in Atlanta? “

In mid-December, the Jardin de Soigné area hosted a rodeo-themed anniversary for Grand Latto (Alyssa Michelle Stephens), an event designed by Kang who, through her company MusicBusinessPolitics, creates events for a high level clientele, mainly in the music industry.

Kang and his team went so far as to create permanent-looking signage that mounted outside the former City Tap space, leaving residents nearby as David Holt – who provided the images included here – wondering if a restaurant called “Big Latto” would open there.

Garden of Soigné organized a hiring fair in mid-December looking for chef and wait staff, bar and hookah, asking interested applicants to bring a “photo and resume”. Apart from one registered site and the Instagram page, no other details exist online.


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Photo: David Holt

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