• Tue. Nov 28th, 2023

IGD Calls on Food Industry to Prioritize Sustainable Packaging to Achieve Net Zero Targets | News


IGD called on the industry to act collectively to deliver sustainable packaging systems.

The organization launched a tool to help the food and consumer goods industry meet its goal of halving the environmental impact of all packaging by 2030.

The report, How to help consumers adopt reusable packaging, aims to improve the long-term sustainable packaging strategies of retailers and suppliers.

“Providing sustainable packaging systems is a critical issue for the industry,” said Susan Barratt, CEO of IGD.

“Collective action is needed now, across our industry, to help consumers embrace refill and return packaging. We want the industry to join us in making tangible and positive change on this critical issue. “

IGD said reducing the need for single-use packaging through reusable products was a “vital part” of the path to halving the environmental impact of all packaging and accelerating net zero progress.

Its report came after a consumer survey showed 63% of UK shoppers see reusable or recycled packaging as ‘very important’ to them when choosing groceries.

The same research, conducted by ShopperVista, showed that 41% of UK shoppers have already adopted reusable grocery packaging, while an additional 42% are ‘considering’ using reusable packaging.

Additionally, 78% of shoppers believe more top brands should offer the option to refill their packaging.

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IGD said offering more sustainable packaging options and encouraging consumers to opt for them was crucial in driving a lasting change in shopping habits.

Supermarkets strive to provide these options with the goal of achieving their own net zero goals.

For example, Tesco recently launched a line of rechargeable cleaning products that could save up to 60 million pieces of plastic per year. Meanwhile, the cooperative recently teamed up with Unilever to test two reusable packaging concepts.

IGD’s latest report is part of a larger effort to deliver on its sustainable packaging ambitions, which will continue next year with the launch of a roadmap.

At the same time, Wrap took it a step further and targeted what it saw as unnecessary packaging by telling supermarkets they should ditch plastic packaging from fruit and vegetable aisles.

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